FDS Users Group

The FDS Users Group — an organization of scientists interested in using the FDS for decay studies at FRIB — was established in 2018. The charter is available here

To sign up for membership, please contact the UEC Secretary mmadurga@utk.edu with your name, affiliation, and preferred email.

The UEC will make announcements to the membership list regarding FRIB PAC proposals and organized workshops for coordinated proposals. Please contact the UEC Chair or Secretary for additional information. 

The FDSi provides a temporary solution until the FDS is funded and constructed. See the “initiator” page for more details.

FDS Users Executive Committee (5): These members represent the FDS Users Group and they assist the FDS effort with organizational and technical tasks. The first UEC was announed at the 2019 LECM.

  • Kay Kolos (Chair) – LLNL
  • Miguel Madurga (Secretary) – UTK
  • Heather Crawford – LBNL
  • Ben Crider – MSState
  • Hendrik Schatz – FSU

Previous committee members include: Charlie Rasco (ORNL), Artemis Spyrou (FRIB-MSU), and Vandana Tripathi (FSU)