The FDS initiator (FDSi)

The FRIB Decay Station Initiator (FDSi), led by the FDSi Coordination Committee and supported by the FDSi Group and Working Groups, is the initial stage of the FRIB Decay Station (FDS). The FDSi is primarily an assembly of the best detectors currently available in the community within an integrated infrastructure for Day One FRIB decay studies, ultimately providing a means for FRIB users to conduct world-class decay spectroscopy experiments with the best equipment possible and to transition to the FDS without interruption to the user program. The FDSi infrastructure will remain intact at FRIB, ready to receive community detectors that will nominally travel.

The FDSi Proposal: FDSi-Proposal-May2020.pdf

The FDSi Guidelines: The-FDS-Initiator-FDSi-Guidelines.pdf

Code of Conduct: FDS-Code-of-Conduct.pdf

LN2 / HV Status:

Please contact Working Group Leaders (and hardware stewards) below for more information on each subsystem. Some information can be found in the proposal link above. The FDS UEC (see Users page) will assist with FRIB PAC Proposal announcements, workshops, and coordinated proposals through the membership list.

FDSi Coordination Commitee:

  • Robert Grzywacz — JINPA-ORNL-UTK
  • Mitch Allmond — ORNL
  • Sean Liddick — FRIB-MSU
  • Dariusz Seweryniak — ANL

FDSi Group:

ORNL –  J. M. Allmond, R. Grzywacz, A. Macchiavelli, C. Rasco, K. Rykaczewski,  ANL- D. Seweryniak, M.P. Carpenter, FRIB – S.N. Liddick, F. Montes, H. Schatz, A. Spyrou, C. Wrede, UTK – R. Grzywacz, K.L. Jones, M. Madurga, FSU – V. Tripathi, MSU (Mississippi) – B. Crider, LBNL – H.L. CrawfordURSinus – L. Riley, UNC – R.V.F. Janssens, UML – A. Rogers, LLNL – K. Kolos, J.T. Harke, Warsaw – M. Karny

FDSi Working Groups:

  • DEGAi (HPGe, LaBr, CeBr)  J.M. Allmond, M.P. CarpenterA. Macchiavelli, V. Tripathi, M. Madurga, R.V.F. Janssens, B. Crider, S.N. Liddick, K. Kolos, J.T. Harke, H.L. Crawford
  • NEXTi (n-tof)   R. Grzywacz, M. Madurga, M. Rajabali, A. Fijalkowska 
  • TAS (NaI)   K. Rykaczewski, A. Spyrou, C. Rasco, M. Karny, S. Lyons, R. Grzywacz
  • XSiSi (Si, YSO, ++)   D. Seweryniak, R. Grzywacz, A.M. Rogers, J. Wu, A. Estrade Vaz, K. Rykaczewski, B. Crider
  • S3Heni (3He)   K. RykaczewskiC. Rasco, F. Montes, J. Huffman, H. Schatz, A. Estrade, K. Kolos, W.-J. Ong, A. Spyrou, M. Rajabali
  • GADGET2 (TPC)   C. Wrede

FDSi Engineer Support:

  • Toby King — ORNL
  • Gary Hollenhead — ORNL
  • Russell Knaack – ANL
  • Ben Arend – FRIB

Phase 1 completed in May 2022 and Phase 2 is anticipated to be implemented by Fall of 2024.